Weekend Event Poll: Which was more disappointing, Super Bowl XLVIII or UFC 169? February 03 2014

Was it just me or was UFC 169 not as exciting as one would have hoped? Also, even if you are a Seattle Seahawks fan you have to admit that Superbowl XLVIII did not live up to the hype. Both were...boring. Granted, any time I watch a UFC event I am entertained and I am not complaining as I know that even without the big story, or huge knockout to...

Welcome to our new site! January 23 2014

Hello Baby Fight Gear fans! Welcome to our new site! This new site, is redesigned to me more responsive to multiple devices, no matter if you are accessing from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop we want you to have the best experience. Please share with us any feedback you may have to help us improve. We went with a less is more approach, cutting down the clutter to help...
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